Tired of electric shavers or disposable plastic razors?

Come enjoy a refreshing, old-fashioned hot shave at our classic barber shop.

Shaving with a straight razor is an art form. We’ve taken our signature hot towel, straight-edge shave to a whole new level. We’ve added an eye treatment, and a purifying volcanic mask that removes all surface-level impurities, leaving your face with a healthy glow. This is a refreshing way to end a long day or week.

Professional barbers are highly trained to shave a man using a straight razor. This method gives you the closest shave possible. Our barber shop gives you choices in the style of shave you prefer.

We are masters in the following types of straight razor shaves:

• Classic Shave

• Head Shave

• Sports Shave

• Premier Shave

• Indulgent Shave

• Facial Trim

We are proud of our unique services and our highly trained, professional barbers.

When you visit us, you will find that we do things differently. We offer hot oil massages as well as hot towel treatments with each shave. This is designed to make your skin feel renewed even before we start shaving. We don’t just offer shaves.

We offer hairline cleanups, beard trims, and other razor services. We also offer some of the finest skincare treatment products available on the market today – designed to leave your skin softer and less irritated. Facials are not just for women. You will appreciate how good your skin feels after your treatment.

The reason we begin your shave with a hot towel is that it softens the beard hair. We then massage the face with our pre-shave oil to soften and protect your skin. Next, we apply our original shave cream.

Then, using only the best steel razors on the market, our experienced Master Barbers will shave your face twice, once with the grain, and then re-lathered and shaved across the grain for the closest shave possible

Your face is then wrapped in a hot towel while the barber prepares our after shave mask from fresh ingredients, seconds before it is applied to the customer’s face. Our after shave mask revitalizes the skin and replenishes nutrients lost during the shaving process.

Once the mask has dried, it is removed with a hot towel soaked in lemon essential oil. Finally, our rose water is applied and the face is massaged lightly with our after-shave balm to replenish natural moisture.

We follow this process for all who visit our shop. Contact us for more information at (561) 123-1234.


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