Do you love having a clean car? 

Company Name offers a wide range of car washing options to enhance the appearance and performance of your car.  From our soft cloth tunnel wash and express service, to self-service cleaning bays and lots of self-serve vacuums, to complete interior and exterior detailing by our team of well trained professionals - you can select which type of service is most appropriate for your needs.  

We have the most advanced technology in the industry for cleaning your car. This is accomplished through a combination of cleaning agents, computer sensors, water jets, and microfiber cloths. 

We provide: 

* Express Car Wash Service

* Full Service Car Wash

* Hand Washing Service

* Exterior Washing

* Unlimited Wash Club

* Car Detailing 

Our full service car wash options include: 

• Full Body Water Wash

• Full Auto Detailing

• Shampooing

• Swirl Removal/Clay Bar Treatment

• Buffing/Polishing/Waxing

• Engine Cleaning

• Leather Cleaning and Conditioning 

We’ll always use eco friendly chemicals on your car. Since we are a professional car wash, we recycle our water - and before discharging it, we always filter and treat the water to get rid of any chemicals.  

Your car will be washed with modern equipment, mostly using soft brush technology, in an environment that provides maximum safety to the customer. Convenience, speed and ease is our primary aim, leaving you with a shiny car. 

Our advantages are: 

• Fully loaded facility with quality equipment

• Safest, softest way to wash your car

• Different wash packages available

• Environmentally friendly

• 100% scratch free guarantee 

We pride ourselves on the quality of each wash and of our service.  Company Name offers the latest technologies in car washing with the fastest service. We only uses soft cloths, eco-friendly soaps and waxes, water, and power air dryers to clean your ride. 

Keeping your possessions clean shows that you take pride in them, and in yourself. That goes for your vehicle, too. Contact us for more information at (561) 123-1234.


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