Do you want to get the outside of your car looking sharp in a hurry?  Then an Express Exterior Wash is the right service for you. 

Company Name has been making cars shine for many years. Hit the road in a freshly cleaned and sparkling vehicle after receiving an express car wash. We’re in the business of making our customers happy by offering speedy washes and friendly customer service.  

We’ve even set aside a special lane so that you can get in and out quickly. Stay in your car, and in less than 4 minutes you’re on your way. And we use a quick system for the rinse, so your car dries quickly and without spots. 

We are committed to providing our customers with an affordable, top quality car wash experience. We use high powered water pressure, the finest cleaning products, and green practices in recycling our water. 

Our Express Car Wash service lets you relax in your vehicle and enjoy the ride through our state-of-the art soft cloth exterior car wash tunnel. 

Besides our Express Car Wash, we also offer a wide range of options that will keep you in a great, clean car. As you can see below, we have many choices for you and your car.  

Choose from our "Express Exterior Wash" when you're in a hurry and only have time to get the surface dirt off, or choose "The Works" for an inside and out, top to bottom detailing to restore that "new car feeling" to the interior and the exterior finish. Add an "All Wheel Brightener" and/or "Tire Shine Service" to complete that "just rolled off the assembly line" look.  

Our packages and service options include: 

• Express Exterior Wash

• Exterior Hand Wash

• Inside / Outside Wash / Detailing

• The Protection Package

• The Works

• Unlimited Wash Membership Program

• Soft Cloth Exterior Car Wash

• Underbody Wash

• Whitewalls and Tires

• Self-Service Bays with Self Vacuum and Dashboard Towelette Wipes Available 

Regardless of which one of our services you choose, rest assured that we use only the finest professional products, and our commitment to protect the environment sets the standards we follow. 

For an enviable shine on your vehicle, visit our location today, or give us a call at (561) 123-1234. We look forward to serving you.


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