Company Name offers a variety of car cleaning services to suit your budget and requirements. There is no need to book ahead, just drive straight in and be greeted by one of our friendly staff members. 

Our Hand Car Wash Services Include: 

• Hand Wash with PH Balanced Soap or Shampoo

• Door Jambs Cleaned

• Rims "Deep" Cleaned

• Bug Removal as needed

• Shine Tires and Hand Dry Rims

• Clean all Outside Glass 

We use the highest quality of car detailing products including carnauba waxes, specialty glazes, detailing clay bars, tire and wheel cleaners, and leather cleaning and conditioning products. We always pay attention to detail. 

Your vehicle is hand washed and dried by our friendly employees. Hand held air guns are employed to remove the extra water from the outside of your car. 

Hand car washing services include: 

• Full and pre sale detailing

• Cut and polish

• Shampoo wash

• Leather protection

• Hand polish or wax

• Members and senior rates

• We only use microfiber towels on all Glass and Paint Finishes 

We delight in pampering your car and use only gentle touch and the best car care products available.  We invite you to see how a hand wash makes all the difference in the appearance of your car.  An Automatic Wash will definitely clean your car, but our Hand Wash will make it sparkle.  

We provide the most professional and latest techniques in the industry. We use the best materials to perform every job, and our staff is experienced and reliable. Our relationships with our customers are the most important thing to us.  You may rely on our honesty, integrity and fair treatment. 

The things that set us apart from the rest are our specialty, custom services and our economical pricing structure.  We are dedicated to your satisfaction.  And, we always appreciate referrals. 

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