Is there a gap in your teeth when you smile or laugh? Do missing teeth affect your speech pattern?  Have you wondered if there is a solution?

A dental bridge might be the answer. Your Company Name specialises in dental bridging.

A dental bridge is a fixed appliance, and is an excellent way to replace missing teeth. Bridges are restorations that fill in a gap caused by missing teeth. They prevent the remaining teeth from shifting, and provide a more stable surface for chewing.

Dental bridges are exceptionally durable and can last several years. They might, nevertheless, need to be changed or re-cemented due to ordinary use.

Advantages a fixed bridge:

* Fill spaces caused by missing teeth

* Maintain facial shape

* Stop drifting of other teeth out of position

* Improve chewing and speaking ability

It can be difficult to speak clearly when teeth are missing in the front area of the mouth. Wearing a dental bridge with the front teeth in proper position will help you speak more clearly.

Replacing missing teeth should make eating easier. Before you become accustomed to the bridge, eat soft foods which were cut in to little bits.

To have a bridge,you will typically need 2 or more visits. On your first visit,the teeth are numbed and then the 2 anchoring teeth are prepared by removing some of enamel to allow for a crown. Next, an extremely precise impression is created which will be delivered to the dental lab where the bridge will be designed. Additionally, a short-term connection will be made and used for a number of days until the next visit.

In the next visit, your permanent bridge will be carefully assessed and modified to ensure a proper fit. Then it will be cemented in place.

There are three main types of bridges:

* Traditional bridges

* Cantilever bridges

* Resin-bonded bridge

The price of dental bridge depends on the type of bridge used. Dental bridges can last 5 to 7 years or more. With good dental hygiene and regular professional cleaning, it's not uncommon for the lifetime of a set bridge to be more than a decade.

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