What is traffic school?

Traffic School is a common term for traffic safety courses. Depending on the state or locale, it can be called different names. Some examples are Driver Improvement Course, Defensive Driving Course, Traffic Safety Course, etc.

There are many reasons people choose to attend traffic school. It often proves to be well worth the cost. If you receive a ticket for a moving violation, it is often simply easier to attend a traffic school rather than fighting the ticket.

Our "Company Name" online traffic school operates as a sanctioned course by the state and its courts. In many cases you are able to have your points reduced by taking a traffic survival school (online or in a classroom), or a defensive driving course.

A typical traffic school course is designed to be a refresher driving course for an experienced driver, and it stresses the importance of basic driving rules and techniques.

Examples of traffic school topics covered:

• State Driving Rules

• Defensive Driving Techniques

• Accident Prevention Techniques

• Coping with Aggressive Driving and Road Rage

• Consequences of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol or Drugs

You don't have to fear long weekend classes or mind-numbingly dull lectures. Our traffic school and defensive driving courses are fun, engaging, and completely online.

Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule. Take a break whenever you want. Study in the comfort of your own home or wherever you want.

We've successfully helped over one million online traffic school students and others from all over the country become better, safer drivers.

The Fast and Easy Traffic School course and Basic Driver Improvement Course are:

• Professionally written to be as clear and concise as possible.

• Guaranteed to be the fastest and the easiest traffic school.

• Fully licensed by respective DMVs and Departments of State.

• Loaded with graphics and examples to make learning fun.

If you need to take a traffic school or defensive driving course, do it online! It's the simplest way to fix a ticket or clear your record.

Another good reason for attending an online traffic school is that some states also offer an insurance rate reduction for completion and/or defensive driving certifications.

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