Is your popcorn ceiling starting to look yellowed and in need of repair?Thinking of getting a more modern look?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to find the right contractor for the job.

Company Name is the right solution.

It might be a good time to remove the popcorn texture from your ceiling. With our efficient popcorn ceiling removal process, in just one or two days you can transform your home with a fresh, modern look.

Popcorn texture removal is a labor intensive, messy and time-consuming job, even for a professional. When done properly by an experienced contractor, your ceilings will look great and that undesirable texture will be gone forever.

We are very meticulous during the whole process, from the prep work all the way through to the texturing. After the prep, it’s time to start removing the popcorn texture and applying a more updated and improved texture.

Once your home and furnishings are protected, we begin to scrape off the popcorn. Depending on what the popcorn is made from, it may come off easily, or may require being soaked first to soften it enough to scrape it off.

Afterwards, we’ll apply your new texture. It’s not a good idea to try for a perfectly smooth ceiling because any variations in the drywall surface will really stand out. Minor drywall repairs are usually done at no extra charge. However, if the repair is extensive, we offer a full drywall repair service at very competitive prices.

We can usually schedule a job of any size within a day or two's notice. After twelve years’ experience, our most valued asset is satisfied customers. We understand that quality work leads to referrals, and our customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our Popcorn Removal & Drywall Repair services include:

• Popcorn Removal

• Drywall Replacement

• Drywall Repairs

• Acoustic Texture Application

• Orange Peel Texture Application

• Knockdown Texture Application

• And much more

There are several textures to choose from. Feel free to call us at (561) 123-1234 for more information about our popcorn ceiling removal services!


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