Bagged logs, pellets and kindling are available for pickup or delivery from Company Name , which is open seven days a week.We supply 16” firewood in bags, as well as bags of 6 mm wood pellets.

These bags are easy to handle for filling up your pellet stove or boiler. Bundled firewood and bagged pellets are also convenient for space-saving fuel storage, as a backup supply for use during power outages.

We offer several types and sizes of orders which you can pick and choose from, or combine to suit your needs.

• "Bulk Bags" carry the equivalent of a face cord of wood, which comes in 12-14" lengths.

• "Backyard Burner" bags, which hold about a quarter of a face cord, and are also available in reusable bags.

• Small bags of softwood kindling for fire starting

• Small bags of hardwood sawmill slabs, cut in 18” lengths

• Small bags of seasoned hardwood firewood, cut in 16” lengths

• 40-pound bags of wood pellets 

Advantages of our Bagged firewood include:

• Firewood for Fireplaces, Open Flame Cooking, or Camping

• Purchase by the Bag or by the Pallet of Bags

• USDA Heat-Treated Wood Packaging Material for Highest Quality

• Great for Enhancing Flavor of Wood-cooked Foods

• Delivery Available

We bring in hardwoods that include maple, beech, yellow birch, cherry and oak. They are sorted and processed by species.We cut and split the firewood on our processor, kiln dry it for 24-48 hours, then convey it right into clean, ventilated mesh bags for easy handling and storage.

The wood pellets we provide are made from compacted sawdust and byproducts of lumber milling. We only sell top quality pellets from reliable, environmentally friendly sources.

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