Cherry firewood is a popular choice for many homeowners. Although not as popular as oak, maple and beech, cherry can provide sufficient heat for your home.

Black cherry burns with a medium heat. It burns well, though not as long or as hot as some of the denser hardwoods like oak. In spite of this, it is well liked and makes a pretty good firewood. It dries quickly and splits easily.

A lot of people like cherry wood because of the nice fragrance it gives off as it burns. It is also great to use when smoking foods.Company Name is recognized for its high quality birch and cherry firewood products.

We also offer other firewood services like:

• Residential Firewood

• Commercial Firewood

• Bagged/Bundled Firewood

• Oak Firewood 

Our trucks carry high quality cherry firewood to our local residential and commercial customers near our facility. If you are outside of our delivery radius, one of our trucking contractors may deliver to your location. We can also ship our products, on pallets, via common carriers.

You may pick up or have delivered, face cords, half cords, full cords and bundles. We also welcome custom orders. We air dry our wood for a minimum of 12 months prior to delivering it to your location. We hand cut our cherrywood chunks to prevent contamination from chainsaw oils, which makes them perfectly suited for use in a hot smoker.

They may also be used in a wood fired oven, barbeque, chiminea or patio fire pit, although our mixed hardwood wood chunks are often the better option for those uses.

Cherry is easy to split and supplies moderate heat when compared to oak, maple or beech which are superior firewood choices.While it may not be the top choice in the firewood rankings, cherry can supply you with a beautiful, warm fire that also smells terrific.

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