Many restaurants have used Company Name’s firewood for heating their wood-fired ovens, grills, and smokers. Our seasoned firewood is available year round and is always delivered when you need it.

We harvest hardwood trees such as Hickory and Oak and cut them into firewood. When dried and cured, the wood is ready to fire up your wood-burning pizza oven or grill.

Ash, Hickory and Oak are among the most energy efficient hardwoods for burning in an oven. Oak, for example, burns very hot compared to other woods. These hardwoods are dense and are higher in energy content per cord, so they release more heat, and their fires are long-lasting.

We have a well trained staff with a reputation of being very reliable and prompt concerning our firewood delivery. Company Name offers you flexibility when ordering just the right amount of firewood – for the entire winter season, or for your next upcoming event.

If you are burning wood for your business or in your restaurant fireplace, furnace, or oven, it is important to use high quality firewood to maintain an efficient and safe environment for all. This is the main reason that we provide dry, fully seasoned firewood, cut to the proper dimensions.

When the firewood is delivered to your location, it can be dumped beside your driveway, if you wish, or stacked where you specify. We are committed to providing excellent service and making timely deliveries.

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