Oak is the first choice for many things. It's excellent wood for fire pits, barbecue grills, and indoor fireplaces.Oak is one of the best types of firewood.

When seasoned well, it gives off a good, lasting heat. Oak burns reasonably slowly. The wood burns hot, so it works really well for heating and for cooking.

Firewood logs from oaks of every species are available at Company name. Oak wood is chosen by thousands of grillers for its unique smoky flavor that is subtle enough to give the right scent and taste without ruining your meat.

We employ hardworking staff that bring a personal touch to our trade, and dedicated professional service to our customers. We use the most up to date firewood machinery which allows us to bring you the finest cut and split logs for your home or place of business.

Our oak logs are sourced from local woodlands, and we pride ourselves on selling good quality logs at affordable prices. We have reserved lots of land for the storage and drying of our wood.

In addition to firewood that we fell in this area, we have been buying tractor trailer loads of logs to make certain that we always have a good selection of well and properly seasoned wood, all year long, for our customers.

Our oak wood is split, then shrink wrapped on a pallet or in bundles for easy handling and storage. Company Name always brings the best available firewood directly to our customers, at no extra cost.

We also offer other firewood services like:

• Residential Firewood

• Commercial Firewood

• Bagged/Bundled Firewood

• Cherry Firewood 

Old fashioned values, combined with a strict dedication to customer service and top quality products drives every part of our business. We season, split, clean and hand select our firewood with our customers in mind.

Try using Red Oak firewood for your indoor and outdoor BBQ events. We have premium quality red oak firewood that’s perfect for your outdoor grilling. Our firewood is also ideal for your Fire Pit and home heating needs.

Our advantages include:

• All oak face cords

• Custom cut lengths

• Fast, friendly service

• Seasoned mixed hardwoods

• Delivery and pick up available

We offer quality hardwood firewood stacks for at an affordable rate. We maintain an inventory of good wood for Residential and Commercial clients, year round. Burning wood is an inexpensive way to keep warm, and we have a large inventory to choose from.

We happily deliver wood to your home, shop, or business location. Many of the local restaurant owners who use our firewood look to us for aged oak wood, which adds a savory, medium smoky flavor to meats, grilled vegetables, fish, etc.

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