Do you enjoy the warmth of a warm, crackling fire in the winter?A lovely, blazing fire goes a long way to chase away the Winter cold, and warm your toes and your heart.

Be prepared for the long, cold Winter and make sure to order your firewood in plenty of time to have it delivered and stacked, convenient when you need it. 

Company Name delivers high quality, barn stored, well-seasoned, dry firewood. You may be assured that our firewood always has a moisture content below 25%, and most frequently, it is below 20%. Our logs are perfect for wood burning stoves, outdoor fire pits or grills, and fireplaces. 

We also cut timber for firewood. If you have an area of your property that you would like to have logged, we are happy to accommodate you. We will turn your trees into firewood at reasonable rates, and we are available year round. 

Our Firewood service includes: 

• Home delivery

• Full cord and half cord packages

• 16 to 18 inch cuts

• Bush cords (Full cords) consisting of 16" lengths and delivered as a tipped load in your driveway.

• Bagged firewood, wood pellets, or kindling

• Mixed hardwood packages

• Custom orders  

The only firewood types that we carry are all aged hardwood varieties that are perfect for burning in your fireplace or in your barbecue grill. The red oak we have is one of the slowest burning types of firewood and it has a wonderful fragrance.

We also offer mixed firewood selections that include eucalyptus, maple, olive, ash, cedar and sycamore. Our firewood is excellent quality at a great price and value. 

The trees that we use are felled and cut into fireplace-sized pieces, then allowed to season for between 6 to 12 months. During this period of seasoning, the wood that has been cut and split is stored in barns in such a way that air is allowed to circulate, improving the drying. With this type of care and preparation, the result is a top quality product which is ready to burn.

A large stockpile of wood will ensure that your family and guests will experience a sense of warmth and security through the frigid winter months.

A consistent fire through the winter will help you save money on heating bills and guarantee that your family will stay warm in the event of a storm cutting off the power to your home.

You are able to trust the experienced logging and firewood professionals at Company Name. You will always receive exceptional quality products, prompt delivery, reasonable pricing, and world class crews and equipment.

We are deeply concerned with the comfort of our customers. We provide our customers with high quality firewood, delivered right to your door.

Do you want to learn more about our firewood services and be ready to heat your home for the coming winter? Give us a call at (561) 123-1234.


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