Are you looking for glass blocks or glass bricks? You’ve come to the right place.

With a superb reputation, Company Name is the premier supplier and installer of Glass Blocks or Glass Bricks for all commercial and residential clients in this area, for both new builds and renovations, including landmark architectural buildings.

Glass blocks are a great solution to reducing the environmental impact on your building, and to combine the design and functionality needs of a project all at the same time.

Thanks to the natural transparency of glass, you can brighten up any interior space with sunlight without letting in the exterior heat or cold. This reduces electricity consumption during the daylight hours.

Benefits of glass blocks:

* Add natural light and transparency while maintaining privacy

* Promote responsible use of energy

* Reduce lighting costs and heating or cooling costs

* Preserve the environment by ensuring higher levels of thermal insulation compared to windows, or to standard walls with equal thickness

Our experienced team will help you design your glass block panel, whether it's for your bathroom renovation, balconies, kitchen renovation, garage, or anywhere that you need natural light.

You will be impressed with the range of modern and innovative glass block and glass brick designs you can choose from. Our glass blocks are available in a vast array of sizes, colors, and designs, so you are sure to find the ideal combination for all your building needs. Our glass blocks can be used both internally and externally.

We use a fully engineered, quality system specifically designed for installing glass blocks.

All glass blocks or glass bricks installed with our accredited glass block installation system are backed by our 10-year product and workmanship guarantee.

Individual glass blocks are ideal for windows and shower systems, for both new construction and remodeling. Our products are cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Glass blocks have become very popular in interior design and architectural trends. Our high-quality products will add a touch of class to any design or build you have in mind. So, whether you're planning to create that luxury shower screen, that funky interior feature, or even an entire glass block wall, you won’t have to worry about lack of quality.

If you want to illuminate exterior walkways without using electric wiring, you can use our special solar glass block pavers, created to capture sunlight during the day to power LED bulbs that turn on at night.

For full details of all standards and technical data, including fire protection, heat insulation, transparency and light transmittance, security, noise protection, resistance and load bearing properties, contact us at (561) 123-1234.


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