High Performance Reflective Insulation (sometimes called radiant barrier insulation) is a patented, strong, thin aluminum foil sheet designed to block radiant heat transfer across open spaces.

Installed on the rafters in your attic, it works along with your existing insulation to boost the insulation of your home.

Radiant barriers are available in several forms.

Company name's Rolled or Reflective Insulation dramatically reduces heat loss in the winter and heat gain during the summer.This extends the life of your heating and cooling systems, and saves you money on your energy bills while increasing your comfort.

Heat gain in buildings mainly comes from radiation, and 75% of that radiation comes from the roof. The roof and walls absorb the sun’s radiated heat, conduct it inwardly, and store it until exposed to the cooler air.

Rolled or Reflective insulation offers a perfect solution for insulation and temperature maintenance in residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

The benefits of our Reflective Insulation are:

  1. High thermal resistance performance, as it reflects 95%~97% of the radiated heat
  2. Savings on energy and electricity cost
  3. Moisture-proof, prevents interior condensation
  4. Fire-retardant
  5. Pest-repelling, hard for rodents to nest
  6. Non-toxic, no formaldehyde, no asbestos, no fiberglass, no irritants or carcinogens
  7. Noise reduction
  8. Mold resistant
  9. Recyclable, environmentally friendly

By installing a radiant barrier across the rafters, your attic stays cooler and so do you. A radiant barrier in an attic can reduce air conditioning expenses by over 10%.

Radiant barriers are sometimes referred to as "reflective insulation" or"radiant barrier insulation" because, similar to insulation, they can effectively slow the transfer of heat.

Unlike fiberglass, foam or cellulose, however, radiant heat barriers reflect heat back toward its source.

In an attic, the radiant barriers we use can work just like those shiny car shades. When it's hot, up to 97% of the sun's heat can be reflected back outside by a radiant barrier.

This will reduce the heat gain and take a load off of your air conditioning unit. In the winter, this reflective effect works the other way, reflecting heat from inside the house back in toward your living space.

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