Hiring a Live-In Nanny may be a wonderful option if you are looking for full-time, in-home child care. Live-In Nannies can help your children get off to school in the morning, can greet them when they finish their school day, and bring them to practice and play-dates.

They can also make your evenings comfortable and positive by encouraging good study habits and proper hygiene from your children.

"Company Name" provides fully screened live in nannies and childcare services.

When you hire a Live-In Nanny, she becomes an integral part of the life of your family. A very strong bond is formed that may last for the rest of your lives. Your nanny is a vitally important part of your children’s formative years. You will look back someday and see the real benefits of having a full-time in-home child care provider who helped you bring up your children.

With years of experience, along with Live-In Nanny Services, we also offer:

* Live Out Nanny Services

* Full Time Nanny Services

* Part Time Nanny Services

* Special Care Nanny Services

* After School Nanny Services

One important thing to remember when you are looking for Live-In Nannies is that you are not hiring a housekeeper or a personal assistant. That is, of course, unless you specify that you are interested in hiring someone willing to fill more roles than just an in-home child care provider.

With a Live-In nanny from Company Name, you’ll enjoy:

• Consistent care from a trusted professional

• Freedom of knowing your child is with an experienced nanny when you must be away from home

• Having your child in your home, rather than at a daycare center

• Focused attention for your child around the clock

• A nanny service that cares about the success and support of its families and its nannies

• 24/7- support — because questions and concerns don’t arise on a specific schedule

Your Live-In Nanny becomes part of your family, and usually, a lifetime friend. Honesty and fair play are important in this relationship.All of the care of the children is the duty of the nanny, including bathing, dressing and preparing nutritious meals.

Your Nanny will use her knowledge and skills with your children. She will involve them in developmental tasks in their playtime, and will give them activities such as creative arts and crafts, construction play, singing, reading, and other various learning opportunities.

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