A clean air filter is the first line of defense and the least expensive preventative maintenance tool. The purpose of the air filter is to trap any contaminants and prevent them from going into the car's engine - which will diminish its performance.

There are a number of filters, including two types of air filters, that enable your car to run efficiently and effectively.

Clean filters stop dirt and grime from going into the fuel, the engine and the AC systems. When your vehicle's filters are clean, they can save your car's engine from costly repairs or damage. In addition to changing oil filters, Company Name can replace your vehicle’s engine air filter and cabin air filter as needed. It is vital to the performance of your car that all of these filters be kept clean. 

Having a clean air filter assists your car in accelerating, protects against dust and dirt, and prevents damage to the oxygen sensors, the engine, and all of the components.

* A car air filter that is clogged or dirty reduces the performance of the engine, increases wear and tear on the engine, and causes a corresponding reduction in the throttle response. 

* If your cabin air filter gets clogged, it will affect the performance of the A/C system. 

It is recommended that the air filters always be replaced according to the manufacturer's specifications. [companyname] is an expert in Air Filter sales, service and replacement. 

Do you own a local business with a fleet of vehicles?  

No matter how many company fleet vehicles you have, our technicians can help you with the maintenance, including filter changes. 

When you establish a filter service account, you will be visited by one of our Service Reps.  He will take a look at your vehicles to ascertain your specific requirements for type, quantity and size of filters.  He will also check out how easy it will be to locate the filters. 

As soon as we have all of this information, we will submit a service proposal to you. Once the offer is accepted, your information will be entered into our computer systems and a schedule will be set up. 

We will replace: 

* Engine Air Filters

* Cabin Air Filters

* Fuel Filters

* Automatic Transmission Filters 

We carry filters for every type of automobile, so whatever you're looking for we're bound to have exactly the air filter you need.  

Along with Air Filter Service we also provide other services like: 

* Oil Change Services

* Oil Filter Services

* Vehicle Inspection Services

* Express Lube Services

* Maintenance Services   

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