Company Name will work hard to take care of your vehicle and you - with exceptional customer service and first class education on the values of preventative maintenance.

A lube job includes lubricating or greasing of your vehicle’s steering system, suspension system, and drive chain to prevent moving parts from wearing each other down when they rub together.

Lubrication is necessary, but some of the newer vehicles do not require actual lube service if they feature a sealed chassis system with Teflon coated joints. They will, of course, still need to have other services such as fluid checks.

If you drive an older car and notice that it creaks and groans whenever you go over a bump in the road, our technicians can take care of that for you with a lube job.

Our Lube Service includes checking on all essential fluids like:

• Motor oils

• Automatic Transmission Fluid

• Anti Freeze Coolent

• Power Steering Fluid

• Brake Fluid 

During your lube job, we’ll also test and tune up critical safety items including the radiator and hoses, brakes, battery, tires, and lights.Rest assured that your vehicle will be getting high quality products and service from us every time.  

We are totally geared toward your complete satisfaction and excellent quality service. You never need to make an appointment. We are always clean and ready to serve you. Our technicians are highly trained on operating our leading edge technology equipment. 

Our advantages are: 

• No appointment necessary

• Quick but thorough service

• Trustworthy

• Knowledgeable staff

• All makes and models

You may choose to use traditional, high mileage, synthetic blended motor oil or all synthetic for the oil change. We also do a complete preventative maintenance service to check, change, inspect, flush, fill and clean out the crucial systems and parts of your vehicle.

When you bring your car in for service, we go over a list to evaluate any issues and perform any maintenance required, according to the manufacturer's schedule. When you sign up for our Lube and Oil Change Service, you always receive exceptional service.

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