Planning to buy a used car? Is your car due for service? A full vehicle inspection can save you money.At Company name, we have been providing comprehensive pre-purchase car inspection services and comprehensive vehicle inspection reports for many years.

Our service technicians will do a thorough assessment of the vehicle and create a full report that will include details about body, paint, and chrome conditions, as well as any signs of accident damage, rust, or Bondo body filler.

The complete vehicle inspection report will incorporate information about our engine check, test drive, and photographs of the entire underbody, as well as inspection of the tires, wheels, instrumentation, interior and more. You will receive a customized inspection report for the specific type of vehicle, and a free professional consultation.

Our certified service experts look for the following during a vehicle inspection:

* Remaining Engine Oil Life

* Tire Wear

* Wiper Blades and Glass Condition

* Fluid Levels

* Brakes

* Spark Plugs, Starter, Alternator

* Battery Condition and Connections

* Additional Inspections

An additional inspection of the vehicle’s critical systems is performed to check for visible leaks that might indicate a concern. The condition of other vehicle components is also visually inspected.

Whether you’re checking out a used car before buying it, or verifying the condition of your existing vehicle, let company Name do the inspection. Periodic vehicle checkups will make you aware of any maintenance or repair needs, which helps keep your car running.

Advantages of Company name’s automobile inspection services:

• Specialized auto inspection reports

• On-site car inspection services

• Knowledgeable staff to advise you

• Free quote for needed services

We will give you the exceptional service expected from a leader in the automotive industry. An excellent inspection is vitally important when you are buying a used car. It can be really expensive if anything of importance is missed. you are buying a pre-owned vehicle, there are many unknowns. It's valuable and important to have someone you can trust who will give you a very detailed report about the vehicle you are considering so that you may make an intelligent and informed choice.

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