What is Hand Reflexology?

Hand Reflexology utilizes massage techniques in combination with pressure points on the hands to stimulate corresponding organs throughout the body.

At Company Name, our reflexologists are well trained to deal with hand reflexology. Reflexology is appropriate for almost any age and brings relief from a variety of acute and chronic conditions.

Hand reflexology uses different techniques than foot reflexology. The hands are quite flexible, and the reflexes are located deeper below the skin, which requires stronger pressure that is held for longer periods of time in order to stimulate a hand reflexology point.

If you participate in hours of repetitive motion activities like hair dresser, massage therapist, machine operator, or typist, for example – reflexology can definitely bring you relief.

Along with Reflexology Hand Massage, we also offer:

* Massage Therapy Services

* Reflexology Foot Massage

* Whole Body Reflexology

* Therapeutic Reflexology

* Facial Reflexology 

According to the main principle of reflexology, the different organs in the body are said to have nerve endings that culminate in the palms of the hand and the soles of the feet.

These nerve endings and their associated organs have been identified by reflexologists and divided into various zones or pressure points.

The stimulation of reflex points encourages the body's natural healing abilities.  It releases stresses and helps to clear energy blocks, which restores the organs to their normal functioning.

The benefits of Hand Reflexology include:

* Reduction of stress

* Increased circulation

* Complementary to all other modalities

* Assists the body in returning to a natural state of balance

In Reflexology the hands and feet are viewed as maps of the entire body. By applying pressure and stimulating specific reflex points on the hands or feet that correspond to the various organs in the body, this therapy can help relieve tension, improve circulation and restore balance (homeostasis).

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