Company Name provides Clinical care by a registered nurse or under the direct or indirect supervision of a registered nurse or other professionals appropriate for the service.

We offer inpatient consultant services for adults over the age of 65 years.

We bring together a diverse group of stakeholders such as clinicians, researchers, patients, families and decision makers. We focus on reshaping and improving health care services and practices so that we can help seniors optimize their health, well-being and independence.

By attending to the unique needs of seniors within our healthcare system, we will have a positive impact on both the individual’s health condition and the efficiency of the healthcare system.

Our aim is to provide optimum patient care through our comprehensive multidisciplinary approach and integrated programs  specifically designed to meet the needs of the senior.  

 Inpatient Clinical Care services include 

* Acute Care

* Rehabilitation Care

* Residential Care

 Services include: 

* Assessment of pain and a plan decrease the pain as possible.

* Establishment, review and maintenance of urinary catheter care and/or stoma care program.

* Care and maintenance of tubes, enteral feeding and nasogastric tubes.

* Complex wound management

* Suctioning of airways and tracheotomy care.

* Enema administration or the insertion of suppositories.

* Oxygen therapy

* Assistance with managing medication.

Our team works closely with our patients’ primary care physicians to provide and coordinate exceptional, comprehensive care for seniors suffering from a wide variety of health and wellness issues.

Our primary goal is to help our elderly patients get back to their way of life as soon as possible, preferably in their home setting.

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