"Company Name" carries a large selection of both new and estate pipes as well as beginner sets.

We have the most extensive selection of pipes available on the planet. After all, pipes are our forte...it’s what we do best. As your primary pit stop for all things pipes, to say we’ve got it all is an understatement...value pipes, treasured estate pipes, boutique artisan creations, and unique pipe gift sets.

Being a smoke shop, we have:

* Vaporizers

* Hookahs

* Pipes

* E Cigarettes

We have the largest selection of hookahs and hookah accessories with over 100 different flavors from the world's best manufacturers. Our mission is to provide you with the Best Quality and Best Service for the Lowest Prices while sharing our Expert Knowledge.

We have a large assortment of pipe accessories including filters, tobacco pouches, tobacco humidors, pipe tools, stands and pipe cleaning products and also offers in-house pipe cleaning, sanitizing, and refinishing done by our in-house specialists.

As an admirer of the glass art movement, it’s only logical that we carry a wide assortment of glass, including glass water pipes, regular glass pipes and heady pieces.

We also provide Metal pipes and have been around for quite some time and there is a reason for that. Metal pipes are a convenient on-the-go solution for all smokers. Metal pipes are small enough to fit in your pocket and carry with you everywhere you go. They also tend to be a cheaper option for those not looking to invest into a higher end glass pipe.

Our novelty pipes offer a large selection of very unique and interesting pipes that may not be a standard glass hand pipe or bong. These pipes are the pipes you take to parties, show off to your friends and brag about.

One hitters are known to be used for "one hit" of herb or tobacco. They are a convenient pocket sized pipe that allows users to quickly and discreetly smoke their herb. One hitters come in a variety of material and sizes. Some of the most popular one hitters are cigarette bats, metal colored bats, quartz bats and tasters.

Let's be honest, no one keeps a pipe in perfect condition forever. Most of our pipes are made of glass therefore you'll need a replacement piece every once in a while. That's what we're here for. If you need a replacement slide, bowl, downstem or anything in between you've come to the right place.

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