PVC-U Plaster Stop Bead is used to provide a straight clean finish on the edge of plaster or stucco at door or window openings, and to protect and reinforce this edge.

There are various types of plaster beads to suit most situations found in the domestic or commercial environment. They can provide enhanced moisture, fire, acoustic, impact, and thermal performance.

Company Name has years of experience in installing all types of PVC Plaster Stop beads. We use Plaster Stop Beads on door frames, window openings, and at the base of a wall or ceiling. Plaster Stop Beads create a clean edge. They also protect and finish the plaster, giving a smooth construction surface.

PVC products are built to resist damage and will return to their original shape when subjected to normal impact. They do not transmit shock, which means damage is kept to the point of impact.

Repairs may be made by restoring the product to its original shape and reapplying finish to the damaged area. If cut, the product may be repaired with vinyl cement.


• White: Improved aesthetics, minimizing the impact on light-colored stuccos.

• Lightweight and easy to form curves and arches.

• Colors: Ivory and Beige to use with colored plasters and stuccos.

• Can be used in coastal and high exposure areas

• Reclaimed window-grade PVC-U. Environmentally sound material.

These accessories can be applied to metal lath, masonry, wood base sheathing products, gypsum sheathing, cement sheathing products, block, and any other approved substrate.

PVC-U plastering beads combine all the benefits of traditional metal beads with the added advantages of a light, flexible material, aesthetic appeal, and cost-effective regulatory compliance.

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