You may create a wide variety of textures using cementitious stucco, depending on the size of aggregates used, the method of application, and the final use of a float or trowel.

The substance, dimension, and character of stucco are derived from the texture. Texture may be added to create highlights, depth, continuity, or even to achieve the look of completely different construction material such as wood timbers, brick, or stone masonry construction.

Company Name offers different textures in stucco.

We have years of experience in stucco services.

There are a variety of aggregates used in making the stucco and they determine the texture. The texture is also determined by the surface it's applied to. The desired texture will also determine the number of layers of stucco that will be applied - one, two or three layers.

Lines that have been added to the stucco or cut into the stucco are called Score lines, reveals and V grooves.  These lines are used to create different looks. There are a wide variety of tools used for creating a stucco texture.

The most common textures we offer are:

* Smooth

* Swirl

* Lace

* Stipple

* Freeform

* Limestone

Our experts provide all types of decorative Stucco Texture services. Customers continue to recognize and appreciate the superior quality of craftsmanship that goes into each and every project we complete.

We can work on many different types of projects for both residential and commercial properties, providing both exterior and interior plastering and stucco work.

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