Good tax planning is important for reducing the impact of taxes on your quality of life. Financial planning can, in some cases, postpone, reduce, or even eliminate the impact of taxes altogether.

Effective tax planning is the cornerstone of an overall wealth management strategy. Our goal is to assist our clients in establishing the most effective methodsto position their wealth, utilizing all of the federal and state tax rules and regulations that are most favorable to our individual clients.

Planning strategies are developed in collaboration with experienced attorneys and tax professionals. Methods of accumulating wealth, with the least amount of tax impact, are developed, along with a plan for the ultimate distribution of funds to the clients and their future generations.

Every financial transaction, whether you’re an individual or a business owner, has the potential to affect your tax strategy. There are different types of taxation, from federal to state and local.This presents a challenge for both planning and filing..

Though filing happens once a year, conducting analytical, in-depth reviews of your current tax strategy with a tax expert year-roundwill ensure that you will have nothing to worry about. You will receive recommendations that will allow you or your company to reduce the overall tax burden and foresee a successful financial future.

We cover:

* Federal Tax

* State & Local Tax

* International Tax Services

* Personal Tax

* Tax Representation

* Employee Benefit Compliance

With the ever-increasing complexity of tax legislation, it pays to put your tax planning in safe hands. Our tax specialists have extensive knowledge and expertise which is constantly up-dated.

The team includes fully qualified Accredited Tax Advisors (ATA) with Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation accreditation.

When you need help, it’s important to us that you feel comfortable speaking with us. You’ll find that we’re easy to deal with, as every member of our team knows how to speak in laymen’s terms. Whether you have a complex tax situation or simply need specialized guidance regarding specific laws, we’re here to help.

We can offer you a tailor-made service at a competitive price. Remember, we work for you, not for the IRS. Many of our clients often save more than they pay us, from following our valuable tax advice. Their reduced tax liability, through careful planning and legitimate tax strategies, more than pays for our planning services.

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