Projection TVs are complex pieces of machinery and require special care. The coolant fluid in the color tubes must be checked if there are problems. 

It’s a very cost effective plan to have your projection TV maintained on a regular basis. The leakage of coolant fluid can cause severe damage. 

We specialize in projection TVs. At Company Name , we have highly trained specialists that can also repair your projection TV in the comfort of your own home. The services offered here are designed to accommodate a wide variety of television models and brands. 

With proficient technicians and years of experience, we guarantee a reliable in-home projection TV repair. 

Along with Projection TV repair, we also offer other services like:  

* Drop Off Repair

* Carry In Repair

* In home Repair

* LCD/LED Repair

* Stereo Audio Repair

* Plasma TV Repair

* DVD Player Repair 

We know how frustrating it can be when your television is not working properly, because it's a source of entertainment for the family. 

A projection television is wonderful for watching sports, musicals and movies. The clarity of the image and the quality of the sound are fabulous. Any damage to your projection television can be very disruptive to your family's entertainment schedule. 

Our advantages include: 

• Affordable rates

• Professional technicians

• Authorized service center

• Most extended warranties are honored

• Fast, friendly, and reliable service

• 24 Hour, 7 Days a Week In-Home Service

• Expert service on all popular TV brands and models

• Availability of original spare parts from top manufacturers 

We are adept at repairing / replacing cracked or broken screens and any issues with audio. Our technicians are highly skilled at repairing any issues with your projection television. They will come to your home and, usually, are able to repair any problem the same day. 

A thorough inspection is performed to determine the exact problems with your set. We let you know right away if the set can be repaired and the cost to do so.

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