Water Catchment Systems collect rainwater. So, what is Rainwater Harvesting all about?

Rainwater Harvesting is a process in which rainwater runoff is collected from cleaner surfaces like rooftops. The goal of harvesting rainwater is to channel the runoff and collect it in a vessel to be stored for future use.

Company name designs create and install residential, commercial and industrial Rainwater Harvesting (Water Catchment) Systems.

These systems provide an excellent ecological solution for the smart usage of water in irrigation systems as well as in landscape features such as ponds, fountains, and waterfalls. Additionally, depending on the amount of rainfall, they can significantly reduce the consumption of municipal water. This helps our overburdened water supply systems, while also saving money on water bills.

Rainwater Harvesting Applications:

• Residential/Commercial

• Municipal/Ponds/Streams

• Waterfalls/Fountains/Water Features

• Pond-less Waterfalls/Patio Water Fountains

• Irrigation Supply

• Emergency Water Supply Storage

The earth is commonly known as the Blue Planet for a reason, and it's no surprise that water is a dominant part of our everyday lives. Approximately 71% of our planet is covered with water. However, only a very small percentage of that water is actually potable.

The world’s current challenge is to improve the planet's water quality and maintain clean and healthy water that supports all life forms in our diverse environment.

Advantages of rainwater harvesting:

• Rainwater is free

• Pure and soft

• Neutral pH

• Non-corrosive

• No “scale” effect

• Appliances last longer

• Plants thrive well

• No need for a water softener

• Reduces soil erosion

Before building a rainwater catchment system, we will check your city’s building, construction and plumbing codes pertaining to water recycling systems.

We’ll cover the basics of harvesting rain water for your home, for gardening as well as drinking and other household purposes.

Rainwater harvesting helps keep stormwater, which is often filled with debris and waste, out of the sewage system, and in turn, maintains the cleanliness of local bodies of water.

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