More and more people are realizing that physical security products are the most effective way to secure a property. That is why a range of Security Window Grills have been designed to suit every possible application.

Company Name's technicians are also able to manufacture and install a wide range of security mesh grills, bar grills, collapsible gates, and bar grill doors, to protect your home or business in style.

Our Security Window Grills provide the perfect solution when it comes to both security and aesthetics. Ideal for office and retail applications, they are also the ideal choice when it comes to securing your home. Decorative in design, these Security Window Grills provide a fantastic level of security.

Along with Window Security Grills, we also offer:

* Drapes

* Shades

* Blinds

* Curtains

* Window Coverings

* Shutters

Window and door security grills aid in stopping burglaries by protecting windows from breakage or opening, and by creating a physical barrier between your possessions and unwanted visitors. We carry Safeguard Security grills which are an impressive breakthrough in the fight against domestic and commercial break ins.

All our grills can be customized to suit any architectural style or specific design. No matter how difficult or unique your security door or window requirements, we can help.

The benefits of a Security Window Grill:

* Installed in its own Steel Frame: door can only be removed from frame if fully open.

* Manufactured from Solid Steel: no weak alloys, only full strength construction.

* Hotdip Galvanized after manufacture: rust proofing advantage.

* Foursided Joint Welds: all joints are fully welded, no short cuts.

* Oven baked powder coat finish: available in many designs and colors.

* Secure Ventilation: windows can be left ajar for fresh air when you have security window grills in place.

Finding the right balance between appearance and performance is not always easy. Company Name’s wide range of grill designs and proven quality ensure that security requirements for any home or place of business can be met. All products are custom made to enhance the design of your home or facility.

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