Knowing what film to choose can sometimes be confusing. First, think about what benefits you want most from your film, and then decide which are the most important.

The benefits of installing window tint film include glare reduction, heat protection, fade protection, U.V. protection, safety, aesthetics, privacy, and to "go green" and use less fuel energy.

No matter what you drive, our window tinting film will add style and elegance to the appearance of your vehicle. You can combine our highest performing products and advanced technologies to achieveoutstanding satisfaction and unbeatable performance.

The “Performance Series” window tint films thatwe use have color stability that is unparalleled in the industry, unprecedented clarity, and excellent UV and solar heat rejection.

Types of films include:

* Dyed Tinting Film

* Carbon Film

* Crystalline Film

* Deposited Film

* Sputtered Film

* Hybrid Film

* Metalized Films

* Ceramic Films

Looking for custom graphic tint designs? We can create a package for you. We also stock customized graphic tint packages that are ready for installation. These feature flames that blaze from the front to the back of your vehicle, or cheetah or leopard print tint designs.

Have your own custom tint graphic or design idea? – No problem. We’re happy to turn your ideas into films that we install for you. The films can be made with the following colors: blue, green, red, and yellow. We can also mix colors to make new custom tint shades.

Several layers of different custom tints make up the design. Chromed window film is often used in flame or logo designs to make your custom tint designs stand out.We can also outline colored flames with chrome to give your custom tint graphic a unique pinstripe effect.

Custom tinting can come in a wide variety of tint graphics, designs, colors and styles of films that can be custom-cut to match your wildest ideas. You don’t have to stick with plain windows. Let your imagination run wild, and we will work with you to create your beautiful designs.The right custom tint design or graphic adds a creative element to any car or truck.

If your car or truck already has graphics, our custom tinting can match or accent your graphics and become another detail that will “shadow” the competition.

For a free consultation to learn about all your options, please call us at (561) 123-1234.

Our car window tinting films are available in a variety of types and shades of film ranging from charcoal, light, medium and dark, true grey, reflective and non-reflective, to enhance and coordinate your vehicle. All are completely backed up with our warranties.


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