Every once in a while, you may experience a "need for speed". Our speed boats are a perfect solution.  Come pamper yourself with a speed boat rental.

Being on the water is a life affirming experience. Company Name  offers you the newest, largest and best equipped fleet of speedboats and motor yachts.

If it's a combination of speed and the beach that you are looking for, a speedboat may be driven right up onto the beach, no dinghy necessary.

We do far more than just renting a boat to you. Our highly skilled staff also know the area extremely well and are able to offer suggestions for great places to visit, dine and shop, if you are interested. We will also help eliminate any worries about not finding a mooring, knowing where to go to gas up, and other issues that can easily ruin your outing.

We'll deliver your boat right to where you are staying - no worries about finding us. We'll make sure you have a secure mooring to tie up your boat, and that it's cleaned every day. And if you skipper your own boat, we'll give you some pointers about our local waters and special places to see so you will be more comfortable.

Before you leave the dock, our staff will make certain that you are competent and capable to captain your rental boat.  We take your safety and comfort very seriously.

Each boat is thoroughly inspected and tested at the beginning of every season.  Sufficient and appropriate life vests and safety equipment are always on board.

If you’re an adventure seeking traveler or just a Speed boat aficionado in search of high speed cruising and the feel of the sea spray on your face while you rapidly ride the waves, Company Name can surely help you reach those speeds you’re looking for in one of our luxury Speed boats.

We have years of experience in boat rental services. We also offer:

* Fishing boat rentals

* Sailing boat rentals

* Jet-ski boat rentals

* Yacht rentals

* Party boat rentals

* Power boat rentals

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