The body struggles to eliminate toxins when it is out of balance. Heavy metals, parasites and other toxins disrupt the natural balance of the cells. This interferes with the proper regulation of the body, reduces energy, causes fatigue, and contributes to a wide range of symptoms. 

There are numerous benefits of utilizing our foot detoxification treatment to detoxify your body. 

Using our foot detox treatment helps to reduce headaches, digestive disorders, allergies, forgetfulness and constipation, as well as to improve circulation and clear up acne. 

Additionally, by reducing toxins in your body, you will help to improve your metabolism, raise energy levels, normalize blood pressure, improve memory function, relieve joint pain, and boost the immune system. 

Our services include: 

* Colonic Irrigation Hydrotherapy

* Full Body Detoxification

* Foot Detoxification

* Enemas 

We utilize the ionic technique in our foot detox treatments to cleanse the organs, eliminate toxins, and restore balance to the body. Through the use of our detox foot bath, heavy metals are also extracted. 

While you relax with your feet in the soothing, warm water, the toxins are drawn into the water. The water changes colors, depending on the organs being cleansed or the toxins being removed from the body. 

How it works: The water becomes loaded with negatively charged ions when processed by our ionizing machine. The negative ions attract all of the metals and free radicals, which have a positive charge, and draw them from your body through your feet. 

Advantages of  Company Name’s  foot detoxification services: 

• Fight fatigue

• Improve circulation

• Healthy Weight Loss

• Bolster immune system

• Reduce internal inflammation 

We use the purest, therapeutic grade of essential oils for rinsing your feet. All formulas are blended to the client’s specifications and needs. 

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