During its lifetime, a building’s facade is subject to the effects of thermal and structural movements, as well as wind and water, all under a wide range of temperatures and climatic conditions.

Company Name provides complete solutions for maintenance and restoration of facades and partitions on various kinds of structures.

We can install new mortar joints or provide inspection and repair services to damaged mortar joints. We undertake detailed inspection reports and waterproofing solutions to compromised building facades and damaged external surfaces.

Our technicians are also experienced in applying two-part waterproof membranes to larger affected areas.

By preventing water penetration into walls and facades, we can:

• Stop dampness from penetrating through the walls

• Reduce damage from frost

• Improve thermal efficiency

• Reduce the growth of moss and algae

Company Name utilizes the best mortars, protective paints, and waterproofing slurries to provide long term protection for buildings in the local area’s climate conditions. We use the most effective repair and care practices, along with the best possible materials for each job, while making certain to maintain the original appearance of the property.

Along with facade waterproofing, we also provide services that include:

• Waterproofing Services

• Basement Waterproofing Services

• Crawlspace Waterproofing Services

• Masonry repair

• Mold Remediation

• New Construction Waterproofing

• Water Damage Repair

• Exterior Restorations

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