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What does a community pharmacist do?

The main role of your local pharmacist is to dispense prescriptions. The majority of medications that are prescribed don’t require being formulated by the pharmacist since pre-packaged medicines are widely available for filling most prescriptions.

The druggist also gives advice to patients about “over-the-counter” medications, how to treat their minor illnesses, and whether they should seek the advice of a doctor.

Another very important function of the pharmacist is to be sure the patient knows how to properly use their prescription drugs. It is easy to forget the exact instructions given by the physician during the doctor’s appointment. Sometimes the doctor doesn’t even explain everything clearly in the first place. The pharmacist can remind and reinforce instructions about how to best use the prescribed medication.

Pharmacists also play a role in the accuracy of the prescription itself. Errors can occur in handwritten prescriptions, and also in computerized records. The druggist will notice if something appears to be an error and he or she can verify it with the prescribing physician before filling the prescription.

Our store contains whatever medicines you require, along with a few interesting extras including beauty products and photo services. The name brands we carry are cost effective and a great addition to your life.

We've got a complete line of non-prescription goods, both brand name and leading Generic brands. We have vitamins, natural goods, cold and flu treatments, medical treatments, eye care products, hearing aid batteries, day-to-day cleanliness goods, and digestive products.

In the event that you want something that we don't have, we will gladly order it for you and can often have it within 1 working day.

Among the top suppliers of pharmacy options, we lead the industry, providing optimized drugstore bestpractices developed to best serve our clients.

We also compound customized nutritional supplements as required by the many healthcare professionals in this area who embrace holistic approaches to the health of their patients. These practitioners include naturopathic doctors, dieticians, and nutritionists.

Our mission is to be a leading-edge pharmacy and resource for complementary health care providers. We value our customers and are committed to offering them personal service, education, and convenience.

Being an independent firm permits us to stay ahead and truly partner with our customers to accomplish mutual success.

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