Pharmacy compounding is the art and science of preparing medicines that are customized for the individual patient’s needs, as prescribed by their doctor.

Formulated drugs are "made from scratch";individual components are blended together in the precise strength and dosage form needed by the patient. This technique permits the compounding pharmacy to work together with the individual as well as the prescriber to customize a drug to match the patient's unique requirements.

Company Name is a Compounding Pharmacy.

We work together with the doctor and patient to solve drug issues. Compounding custom prescription drugs offer several more choices for individuals that are unable to get the right drugs in traditional manners.

Below are some of the Compounding Pharmacy Services we offer:

• BHRT Hormone Replacement

• Pain Management Compounds

• Menopause Hormone Therapy

• Men's Hormone Therapy

• Erectile Dysfunction Compounds

• Fertility Services

• Pediatric Care

• Urological Care Compounds

• Podiatry Prescriptions

• AutismCompounds

• Customized Nutritional Supplements

• Sterile Pharmaceutical Products

• Veterinary Health Products

Right from the start, we've understood the need for adopting and conforming to nationally approved standards for the practice of expert compounding.

In addition, we provide nutritional supplements, normal bioidentical hormones, drugs, and sterile products customized to match your unique personal requirements.

Our advanced clean lab has an all-inclusive array of specific equipment which enables us to formulate prescription quality custom made drugs.

Thanks to our innovative compounding Pharmacy methods, compliance with your prescription requirements is easier than ever. Compounding allows us to customize a medication or a nutritional supplement into an altogether new form, so that you can apply it for any number of ailments in an application that suits you best.

The forms we can compound medicines or supplements into include capsules, liquids to take by mouth, sub-lingual drops, suppositories, nasal sprays, topical gels or lotions, lozenges, or sterile preparations to be injected.

Our Standard Operating Procedures include stringent instructions for the preparation of substances in order to guarantee uniformity in quality. Our pharmacists carefully check each step of the compounding procedure and strictly follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

In addition, independent laboratories randomly test our compounded products to further ensure they are meeting all necessary requirements.

Company Name is the accepted GMP leader in supplying custom manufacturing and private labeling of vitamins, nutritional supplements, and nutraceuticals.

We continuously strive to maintain an unwavering reputation for the delivery of exceptional dietary supplement products, services, and solutions where quality and dependability are of the greatest importance.

Our dynamic and experienced team of scientists, formulators, and product managers have the expertise and knowhow necessary to take your product from its inception all the way through to delivery.

Our marketing team can go one step further and provide business development assistance, industry specific advice, and marketing techniques as a part of an effective partnership with our clients.

Our pharmacists are graduates of accredited Colleges of Pharmacy and licensed by Boards of Pharmacy. We have state-of-the-art compounding equipment including sensitive electronic scales and air managing hoods that are compliant with strict government safety and accuracy regulations.

You can rest assured that all our compounding is done in a clean, uncontaminated, controlled environment that meets or exceeds industry standards for the preparation of sterile products. Our compounding facility is monitored to be sure that the correct temperatures and humidity levels are maintained at all times.

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