What is Medication Therapy Management?

Medication Therapy Management is a service offered by a skilled pharmacist. The pharmacist will speak with you one-on-one to evaluate all your medicines to make sure that your present drug treatment regimen is both effective and safe.

The pharmacist uses knowledge gained from pharmacology drug research conducted in science labs. Pharmacologists study drug interactions and how drugs affect people. Your druggist relies on info learned from these laboratory studies when evaluating a patient’s needs and dispensing medication.

The field of Medication Therapy Management was created to assist with managing numerous drugs and medical conditions. Generally, those who benefit the most from this serviceare the people with multiple chronic conditions who are taking multiple medications.

A candid conversation can uncover any potential problem areas and develop solutions that will keep the patient on track with their therapy plan. We will discuss:

• All prescriptions, medications and supplements the patient is currently taking

• Drugs the patient is no longer taking

• Does the patient understand what they are taking, and why

• Questions and concerns regarding their medication regimen

• Recommendations for future medication reviews by their primary care physician

The Medication Management Services provided by our pharmacists include maintaining a “formulary” of medications (a list of approved prescription medications).

Our druggists maintain records relating to elderly or confused patients who are on long term medication regimens. We monitor a person’s medications to ensure that all prescriptions are appropriate for the patient, and we evaluate possible medication side effects.

We also actively participate in the education of community health workers, such as caregivers in long-term care facilities or in homes for the elderly or disabled. Our pharmacists can supervise the supply and safekeeping of medications in these residential care homes.

Company Name is the final component in the framework linking physicians, patients, caregivers, and pharmacists.

Using our pharmacy skills and expertise, the community pharmacy works closely with our clients to improve patient care. We routinely improve patient care with everyday clinical interventions that are just second nature to any skilled and conscientious pharmacist.

A clinical intervention happens whenever the druggist discovers and recommends a needed change in a patient’s medication plan. This can include clarifying with the doctor the correct dosage or strength of a medication or catching an error in a prescription.

It can even be as simple as realizing that a patient is about to take a double dose of their medication. Medication Therapy Management can provide many opportunities for clinical interventions that will improve the patient’s health care.

The process includes:

• Outreach call to the patient

• Patient is followed to educate, re-evaluate, and document outcomes

• Medication Action Plan (MAP) is developed

• Medication Therapy Review (MTR) is performed

• Interventions and/or referrals are called, mailed, or faxed to health care professionals

Our personnel work with individuals and their healthcare professionals to obtain info and assistance for drug management.

Our druggist may run an all-inclusive review of medications to spot any possible drug associated problems. If any problem is determined by the pharmacist, we will discuss it with your health provider.

Advantages of the Medication Therapy Management Program include:

• More information about your current medication therapy

• Ability to identify and reduce the chance for medication errors

• Chance to identify and educate you on the side effects of the drugs you are taking and discuss ways to reduce those effects

• Opportunity to save money by reducing duplicative therapy and offering affordable formulary alternatives when available or appropriate

Our pharmacists can help youbetter understand prescription and nonprescription medications. We are able to answer queries you might have about your medicines and discuss possible medication treatments with your doctors.

Our main aim will be to ensure you are acquiring and using the forms of drugs which can be the best for you personally.

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