If you see ice in your driveway, it needs to be removed as soon as possible.

Company Name is a year-round driveway care company.

When it snows, our attention is on getting your driveways cleared as quickly as possible. In the Summertime, our specialty is sealing driveways which protects the asphalt and lengthens the life of your driveway. We train and organize our teams throughout the year in anticipation of Winter events.

We want to be certain that our equipment and our skills are top notch so we are completely prepared for your needs.  We take care of all types of properties including residential homes, commercial/retail buildings and industrial sites and make certain that our operators are completely prepared and trained in the proper use of deicing products and processes.

We have back up equipment to ensure that you can always count on us. Our light-weight equipment blows the snow rather than pushing or piling. Snow-blowing is a low-impact method of snow removal which leaves your driveway and yard looking great all year round.

Advantages of our services:

* Driveway will be almost as wide in the winter as it is in the summer

* Easy snow storage, away from your driveway

* Our tractors never venture off your paved driveway

* Use of small size tractors allows vehicular traffic

* Clean driveway edges

* No dirty snow piles or unsightly snow ramps

* Dedicated Customer Service

We have a dedicated service staff and shop to maintain all our equipment. In addition, our office is staffed seven days a week during snow operation days to answer your calls and respond accordingly.

Regarding pricing, we look at each and every driveway individually and then determine a fair, competitive, seasonal price.

Whether you want to make it to your car and back without tromping through the snow or you want your customers to be able to get to your store without slipping and falling, we can help. Our crews have the shovels, plows, salt, and sand to perform snow removal job of any size.

If you need driveway ice removing services, our experienced staff is more than ready to help. Simply call us at (561) 123-1234.


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