Having a buildup of snow and ice on your roof can be a source of major repairs.  The weight of snow – especially wet snow – can actually collapse a roof.  Any ice buildup on the roof – around the edge – can block the gutters which may mean water leaking into the building.

Company Name is very well experienced in Ice management services especially Ice Build Up Prevention.

When a roof is not properly insulated, heat travels through the roof and melts the snow.  This causes a flow of water to seek the lowest point.  This is where ice buildup occurs. This ice buildup will create dam that does not allow the water to properly drain off of the roof.  When this happens, water may leak down through the ceiling and walls and cause a great deal of damage to your property. We provide ice dam prevention and removal services.

Our Ice Build Up Prevention services include:

* Manual removal of Ice

* Snow-fighting applications includes salts, calcium chlorides, and liquids

* Heat tape, heat cable, roof de-icing cable & heat coils

* Heat mats with sensors

We have the tools, equipment, experience and safety training necessary to remove winter ice dams from residential roofs. Our professionals will not damage your roof in the process of removing the ice. We are properly equipped with the correct tools and expertise to safely and effectively remove the ice dams from your roof without causing any damage in the process.

Our high performance line of snow-fighting applications includes salts, calcium chlorides, and liquids, all proven to deliver safe, ice-free surfaces during the toughest winter storms.

We look for issues around your home that may cause ice to dam up around the edge of the roof.  These issues may include: insulation, ventilation, thermal inefficiencies, roofing and flaws in the design or your home.

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