When winter is at its worst, sometimes plowing just is not enough.

Big banks of snow will reduce the area that people are able to park in and they also make it difficult to see to maneuver.

Company name provides snow removal service. We have built a solid reputation by consistently providing exceptional service to our clients.

Our operators are extensively trained and use the latest in technology to deal with your snow removal requirements.

Services offered include the following:

* Snow Removal

* De-Icing

* Sidewalk Cleaning

* Driveway Snow Removal

* Snow Relocation (Haul-away)

* Residential Snow Removal

* Commercial Snow Removal

* Roof Snow Removal

* Snow Blowing

* Snow Plowing

* Ice Build Up Prevention

* Salt Spreading

* Shoveling Services

* Snow Melting

* Snow Stacking

We offer a professional service that is above all dependable. You can count on Cutting Edge to help you enjoy clear access and use of your property despite what winter’s snowfalls may bring.

The company and our staff are in full compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements for providing snow management services. We are registered and fully insured (with specific liability coverage for snow operations).

Our service extends to:

* Residential

* Commercial

* Industrial

* Governmental

* Hospitals and many more

We understand that every one of our clients has a different circumstance and needs. While we work with both commercial and residential snow removal clients we find that every level customer is happy with the options that we have available.

Whether you want to “pay as you go” or have a monthly contract, our billing department will customize your account to suit your needs.

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