Property owners are responsible for clearing the full width of sidewalks in front of and/or beside their property to bare concrete within 24 hours after a snow or ice event.

Making certain that the sidewalks and stairs on your property are cleared of snow and ice makes for safe traveling for your employees and visitors to your business.

Company Name is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, during storms so you’re your walkways are always cleared and safe.  We come back as often as necessary and called for. If snow ever completely takes over your sidewalk, clearing it out could be a pain. It can cause a lot of strain and stress trying to clear it out on your own. Our experts will take care of the snow sidewalk cleaning process for you. We come speedy and with affordable services.

Not only Sidewalk Clearing we also offer:

* De-Icing

* Driveway Snow Removal

* Snow Relocation (Haul-away)

* Residential Snow Removal

* Commercial Snow Removal

* Roof Snow Removal

* Snow Blowing

* Snow Plowing

* Ice Build Up Prevention

* Salt Spreading

* Shoveling Services

* Snow Melting

* Snow Stacking

We have specialized teams that are each equipped with the appropriate tools for their specific tasks.

We leave our sidewalks clean down the pavement after each and every visit to a site. Site checks are also conducted regularly to ensure any melting/freezing, drifts, etc are addressed immediately.

Regardless of the type of walkway, we have the best equipment to make certain that the surfaces are clear and safe.

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